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Barber & Stylist

Meet Brandon, our accomplished Hair Stylist and Barber. A graduate of the London School in Vancouver, BC, Brandon has been perfecting his barbering skills since 2019. Widely recognized for his expertise in fade fundamentals (Basic, Mid, Drop, High, and Bald fading), long to short business cuts, stylized mullets, and contemporary men's styles, Brandon infuses a modern flair into each haircut.

Having relocated to Seattle in 2021, Brandon has collaborated with the talented professionals at Annie Fisher Hair Salon and successfully completed the Atarashii Hair Design apprenticeship program, enhancing his proficiency in color services. Trained in French Style cutting techniques, Brandon is dedicated to continuous education, staying abreast of the latest trends, and ensuring an exceptional experience for his clients.

Brandon takes pride in truly understanding his clients, actively listening, and providing valuable education on face shapes to help them discover a style that perfectly suits them. Born in Ottawa, Brandon also has a background in sports, having played in the Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC) while completing two degrees in Psychology. When not spending time with his husband or traveling for sports, Brandon engages in artistic pursuits such as painting, makeup artistry, and delving into the realms of photography and film.

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