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Hair Stylist, Barber & Colorist in Training

Brandon graduated from the London School in Vancouver, BC and has been barbering since 2019. As a barber, Brandon is best known for competencies with fade fundamentals (Basic, Mid, Drop, High, and Bald fading) long to short business cuts, stylized mullets and other contemporary men’s styles. After moving to Seattle in 2021, Brandon worked with the talented team of professionals at Annie Fisher Hair Salon and the Atarashii Hair Design apprenticeship program to hone his skills and refine his craft. He has been trained using French Style cutting techniques, is passionate about continued education and staying current with trends. Brandon prides himself on understanding; listening to his clients and educating them on their face shapes and how to find a style that best suits them. He is currently taking models on Tuesday's for color to complete his advanced training.

Brandon was born in Ottawa, Brandon played in the Canadian College Baseball Conference (CCBC) while completing two degrees in Psychology. When Brandon is not hanging out with his husband, or traveling for sports, you can find him in his art studio painting, doing makeup, or learning about photography and film.  

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